Website Designing

Terms and Conditons

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Custom domain

SSL Certificate

Bandwidth = Unlimited

Storage space = 35 GB

Video hours = 5 hours


Updated on 24th March 2022

1. The Company will provide the following services: Web designing and Web development. The first draft of the website will be delivered within 30 days from the date of payment, after which the website is subject to revisions before final publishing. 


1.1 The initial cost and the maintenance fee is non-refundable. 


1.2 Non-payment of the monthly maintenance fee will result in the closing of the website with a notice period of 15 days from the Company’s end. 


1.3 This Agreement shall continue as long as both the Parties agree to provide/take Services offered by the Company. If the Customer decides to exit the contract, he/she will have to notify the Company in advance within a period of 15 days. 


2. In case the Company is not able to deliver the first draft in the stipulated period of time, the Customer can apply for a refund or allot more time to the Company for the completion of the draft.


3. If the Customer is NOT able to provide the necessary articles, including but not limited to images, videos, descriptions and audio files required for designing and developing the website within 5 days from the date of payment, the Company is NOT obliged to submit the first draft of the website within the stipulated period of time. 


4. Company shall be paid with an initial payment of Rs. 7316/- (inclusive of all taxes) and a monthly maintenance fee of Rs. 610/- (inclusive of all taxes) after the website is designed and developed.


4.1 The following services are included under maintenance: 

4.1.1 Modification of elements including images, video files, audio files, descriptions, updates, hyperlinks,  templates, color schemes, font styles, font sizes, logos, headers, footers, menus, animations, page layouts, buttons, forms, galleries, shapes, vector arts, pop-ups, slideshows, lists, tables, search boxes, audio players, and blogs. 

4.1.2 Updating the Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, and Cookies Policy of the website 

4.1.3 Hosting of the website 

4.1.4 Collecting payments through the Company’s payment gateway on behalf of the Customer 


4.2 Adding advanced features, including but not limited to, ticket booking system, customer profiles, e-commerce facility, payment gateway, and API integration to the website will incur extra charges. 


5. The Customer has to request editing of the website via Email and/or Trello ( 7 days prior to the publishing of the website.


6. The Company holds the right to schedule online meetings with the Customer and ask for necessary articles for designing and developing the website anytime.


7. All the articles, including but not limited to, images, video files, audio files, descriptions, names, titles, logos, posters, album cover artworks, and electronic press kits provided by the Customer will be the sole property of the Customer or the Customer will exhibit all right, title and interest therein, including but not limited to all audiovisual, literary, moral rights and other copyrights, patent rights, trade secret rights and other proprietary rights for the same. All the work products and tools, including but not limited to, computer programs, analytics reports, documentations, notes, models, technical integrations, designing tools, and development tools used by or produced by the Company during the process of designing, development, and maintenance of the website will be the sole property of the Company. 


8. Both the Parties agree that all the information provided by the Customer is true and correct. The Customer also has to understand that any willful dishonesty may render for refusal of these Services and the Company has the right to terminate the contract without any prior notice. The Customer shall be solely responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights and for violations of any laws caused by the use of the website.


9. All notices required or permitted under this Agreement will be provided in writing and delivered to both parties. 


10. The laws of the State of Delhi, India govern all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement and the transactions it contemplates, including, without limitation, its interpretation, construction, validity, performance, and enforcement.