Everything Livelee Episode 1 ft. Sidhant Setu

We present to you Livelee's official podcast - 'Everything Livelee'. For our maiden episode, we have with us Sidhant Setu!


To dive into art is also about understanding everything that comes with the package. We bring to you the insights, opinions, thoughts and journeys of fresh artists and blooming talent! Let's find the answers to our unrealised questions! With quirky tales, engraving messages, unheard-of revelations and heartwarming music, we hope to make Everything Livelee for you! After all, we create a journey together.

Let's blossom together, let's "Stay Livelee"!

A little about our guest...

An actor, a singer-songwriter, a writer, a dreamer... It's bliss to dive into conversation with Sidhant Setu! From music "never being a plan" to h